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  1. June 2012 is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, 2012 [in the US]
  2. American Center Invitation: Screening of the documentary film "Stonewall Uprising"
  3. Male Homosexuality Study: Gay Men Have Evolutionary Benefit For Their Families
  4. LGBT community in Bangalore celebrates India's first 'Coming Out' day - July 2
  5. Anderson Cooper: I'm Gay
  6. Oreo shows support for Gay Pride and how!
  7. Facebook adds Gay and Lesbian wedding icons
  8. "Legalize Love" says Google
  9. Gandhi's letters bought for $1.3 million to avoid sexuality related discussions
  10. Blackmailing the closeted gay man
  11. Is Nepal more progressive than India where gay rights are concerned? It is!
  12. India gets first 24 hour LGBT phone counseling service