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Thread: how does the thread 'what Song'. work ?

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    how does the thread 'what Song'. work ?

    I often wondered as to how this thread works, in G4M Hindi too, looking at the success of the what song thread,

    A) you are listening to a song, you pause the song, quicly log in and type what song are u listning to ?

    B) we had guys in PR who used to put new entries every miniute, so did they fast forward the song ? So that it got over so fast ?

    Going by the popularity of the thread there (it has completed 10000 posts, one would believe that Gays do nothing but listen to songs the whole day ?

    Thank god we do not have miniute by miniute updates in. What Book are u reading ?

    Or is the thread about " which is your favorite song" ?

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    Re: how does the thread 'what Song'. work ?

    Serinity, I can't speak on behalf of the others so I'll just post my experience and how I go about.

    No I do not listen to music all day but sometimes I come close. In my office, my team has music playing all day long. So even though not all may be my favorites, some are and when one of my favorite plays I come here and post.

    When I'm home and if my roommate is not watching TV (which is happens more these days) then I am always listening to music. If some exceptional song or one that love more than the others comes on, I post it here. Sometimes, when I listen to a nice song which I would like to post here but can't do so immediately, I post it later even though I'm not listening to that song that instant.

    I look at this thread more as a source to get to listen to the kind of music/songs that I may normally not listen to. Most of the times, it brings back some song I already like but haven't listen to in a while, sometimes there are new songs I haven't heard before and I try to listen to those songs.

    I see that in G4M_Hindi people would just post the song and that's it. Here people are providing a little more background or at least why they like it. For a music lover like me, that's very nice and that's why I love that thread.
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    Re: how does the thread 'what Song'. work ?

    Hahahahah SERENITY (Thread Creator) you actually nailed the........... (Oooops, what that phrase? Anyway, leave it.)

    Yeah, even I have wondered. At PR, I never bothered to reply to the thread. Here's it's a different story.

    Okay, so this how it goes with me:
    When I am listening to songs, I am doing only that. I can't think of posting the song on the thread and all that. I am on my own fantasy ride while listening to music.
    So what I do is, share those songs which are: close to my heart, those which I have newly discovered or found to be interesting. But (and no intentionally tho) it has always happened that while I post the song in the thread, I end up listening to it at that point of time as well.

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