I just went to see a Indian LGBT Film screening in London yesterday. Saw about 6 short films/ documentaries.

What I think is that its great to create awareness by media, but in correct direction at same time. I am indian origin, gay, happily married to another gay man and planning to start family soon.

It made happy about something is done about it. Don't take me wrong but all films I saw represents Gay guy to be camp, desperate and hunting for sex!!! All humans ar sex hungry.. and this is no exception with LGBT.

Not a single film represented a successful relationship between 2 guys, and thats what we lack. Role models, gay couple in happy, long and successfull relationship.

Not making people think I am hypocrite, acceptance can only be gained if we show respect to ourselves and like minded people.

We need serious cinema about this subject, and celeb who are in successful relationships, should stand out and say, if we can do it, so can you!